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At The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College, we want to help you choose a program that is the right fit for you and the best option for your future.

If you are inspired by food and have an interest in cooking or baking, our culinary arts and pastry arts programs will empower you to turn your passion into a fulfilling career and improved life for you and your family. We are available to answer any questions you may have about pursuing a degree at The Chef’s Academy and our program offerings. If you do not find the answers to your questions below, feel free to contact one of our admissions representatives or visit our Degrees page.

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"At The Chef’s Academy, the chefs and teachers are very hands-on. In kitchen classes, you can go up to any chef and they will help you as much as they can with the subject you’re asking about." Laura, Pastry Arts
Laura, Pastry Arts

What academic programs does The Chef’s Academy offer?

At The Chef’s Academy, we offer two culinary degree programs and the option to earn your Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts and/or Associate of Applied Science in Pastry Arts.

With each academic path, you will have the opportunity to gain the hands-on instruction, skills and direct experience you need to feel confident in your education when pursuing a career. Our experienced faculty and staff are committed to providing you with the fundamental concepts of food management and production through a series of classroom and kitchen courses within your 10-week term. We also require each of our students to complete an externship before graduation in order to gain the real-world experience needed to achieve success.

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What is an associate degree?

On top of a full-time job, family and other responsibilities, the idea of going back to school to earn your degree may seem intimidating. At The Chef’s Academy, we understand your obstacles and motivations, which is why we offer associate degree programs that empower you to gain the skills you need to advance your career and earn a higher salary in as little as two years.

An associate degree provides the framework for entering a specific field by teaching the fundamental skills for positions within that industry in as little as a two-year period. With our associate degree programs in culinary arts and pastry arts, you will be taught the foundational knowledge, proficiencies and practices to be qualified for an entry-level position in the food industry.

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What are the benefits of an associate degree in culinary arts?

Through our culinary arts program, we seek to teach you skills in food service purchasing and nutrition and food safety. We also provide you with a foundation of fundamental cooking techniques. Within our 10-week term, you will explore food service purchasing, nutrition and food safety, hands-on experience in fundamental food preparation skills, classical cuisines and the basics of meat and poultry cookery in order to prepare you for an entry-level career in the culinary industry.

As a graduate, you will have received the knowledge necessary to begin working as a professional kitchen staff member, line cook and assistant chefs in a variety of areas, including hotels, health care facilities, resorts, food trucks, catering, retail food and beverage and more.

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What are the benefits of an associate degree in pastry arts?

If you are interested in seeking a career as an assistant pastry chef, cake decorator, assistant baker or pastry cook, The Chef’s Academy is the right place for you. Our pastry arts program covers the basics of fundamental management concepts and food safety and offers you hands-on experience in decorating skills and classical pastries. You will also be given an overview of the organization and operation of a commercial kitchen and bake shop, preparing you for an entry-level career in the pastry industry.

With a degree in pastry arts, you will receive a strong foundation of fundamental pastry techniques to begin working as a professional kitchen staff or food service member in a variety of areas, including commercial and catering kitchens, restaurants and bakeries.

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How do I choose an area of study?

Determining what type of career you want to pursue can be overwhelming. At The Chef’s Academy, we understand that deciding an area of study is no easy feat, which is why we provide resources to help students find a path that suits them.

If you would like guidance on choosing a career path, our career services team members can lend a hand. Based on personality, interests, skills and other assessments, our staff can offer direction regarding a field that is best for you. If you are ready to explore culinary degree options and discover a career that you will enjoy both now and in the future, contact us today.

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