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Completing the college application process at The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College is the first step in starting your education and improving your life. It is vital that you get the information you need while you apply, so we have created a list of questions that act as a guide for you. To find the answers you need to take the next step, explore the frequently asked questions on this page.

If you know you are ready to move forward with your college application, send a message to one of our admissions representatives or call 800.919.2500. You can also begin your application by clicking on the button below.

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"If I need any assistance, the faculty are more than willing to help." Brandon, Culinary Arts
Brandon, Culinary Arts

What is the admissions process like at The Chef’s Academy?

Our admissions process differs from many other colleges and universities with long processes. In fact, you could be ready to start classes within 24 to 48 hours of completing your application! We have developed a process designed to help you discover the skills and training necessary to help you become competitive and marketable when beginning your career. We conduct a personalized admissions interview to learn about your interests and goals, ensuring that you have the drive and commitment to succeed in culinary arts or pastry arts. Then, we assist you with individualized career planning, program selection and learning how to apply for financial assistance, such as scholarships, grants and loans.  

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How much does attending The Chef’s Academy cost?

Tuition at The Chef’s Academy differs depending on many factors, including:

  • What type of financial aid you receive
  • The program in which you are enrolled
  • How many classes you take per semester
  • What books, uniforms and types of supplies (such as a knife set) you plan to purchase

To view an estimate of your tuition costs, use our tuition calculator

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Do I need to have a high school diploma to attend The Chef’s Academy?

Yes, applicants must have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for acceptance. 

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What are the SAT and ACT College Codes for The Chef’s Academy?

The SAT College Board Code for The Chef’s Academy is 6344. The ACT College Code for The Chef’s Academy is 5171.

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What if I do not know exactly what program I’m interested in?

No problem! This is one of many reasons why we require all potential students to meet with an admissions representative who will conduct an admissions interview.

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Are any support services available?

Yes! We pride ourselves on an extensive support network designed to help our students achieve their career goals. Our team is ready to assist you with the admissions process, financial aid, career planning and scholarship qualification. We even offer help with day-to-day challenges such as finding quality daycare for your child or keeping up with your course work. We also offer employment assistance for current students and alumni.

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Will my credits from The Chef’s Academy transfer to other colleges?

While the curriculum of The Chef’s Academy is designed for students who want to pursue a career-focused education and complete their degree in as little time as possible, credit transfer opportunities are available. Transferring credits from The Chef’s Academy to another institution is not guaranteed, as it is up to the receiving institution to decide if they will accept credits earned at The Chef’s Academy. Check with the appropriate party at the receiving institution to find out if they accept our credits, and we will be happy to send them your transcript or other required documentation. 

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Will The Chef’s Academy accept credits previously earned by another institution?

The Chef’s Academy considers credits for transfer from other accredited colleges. Decisions to accept incoming credits from another school are made by the Campus President at your local campus. Information regarding these previously earned credits should be shared with your admissions representative when inquiring about The Chef’s Academy.

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