Academic Questions

Preparing to further your academic career can be both exciting and overwhelming. At The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College, we know that selecting a college, academic program and career path can result in many questions, so we are here to assist you. Explore the responses below to learn more about our application process, available resources and how we approach education.

"The instructors are amazing and have no problem helping when you need it." Krista, Pastry Arts
Krista, Pastry Arts

How good do my grades need to be to attend The Chef’s Academy?

At The Chef’s Academy, we understand that school can be a struggle for many students, especially if you have other financial and family responsibilities. That is why, during enrollment, we will ask you to complete an assessment process. This exam will be used as a entry baseline test for new students.

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Is there anyone who can help me with application and admissions questions?

At The Chef’s Academy, we have many resources available to assist you during your academic career. If you are interested in learning more about our admissions and application process, please visit our College Admissions Questions page or contact an admissions representative.

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What are the faculty and staff like at The Chef’s Academy?

Our faculty and staff members pride themselves on providing a supportive environment and using their years of experience in the food industry to assist you whenever possible. They dedicate their careers to helping you overcome your obstacles and gain the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field of study.

You can learn more about our passionate instructors by visiting our Meet the Instructors page

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What items will I need for class?

Depending on the classes you take, your materials will vary. You will most likely need a textbook for each class and you can visit the Bookstore online to order books. We also suggest you bring a notebook dedicated to each class as well as multiple writing utensils and folders.

For kitchen courses, you must show up in the proper attire, wearing the uniform provided during orientation and without any jewelry or nail polish, in order to participate. You will also be asked to purchase a set of knives. You will learn more about how to prepare for your courses during enrollment and at your orientation.

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How do I stay motivated with my college course work?

Staying motivated while you are trying to attain a degree can be difficult, but that is why our faculty and staff dedicate their careers to helping you continue on your journey to success. Whenever you need an extra boost, there will be someone there to help you move forward. All you need to do is ask for guidance. From academic advisors and tutoring services to student resource services to assist with financial challenges and child care, we are always available to help you overcome the challenges you may face while getting an education.

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What is the class schedule like?

Your class schedule will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The program in which you enroll
  • Whether you are a part-time or full-time student
  • Whether you are eligible to test out of classes to gain credit
  • Whether you have credits to transfer from another college or university
  • How many credits you feel comfortable taking each quarter

We know that not everyone is able to work around a traditional class schedule. That is why the registrar or your academic representative will help you tailor your class schedule to fit your needs.

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