Student Affairs

At The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College, we are here to advise you on academic, professional and personal issues by guiding you to the right resources that help keep you on track, not only to graduate but also to improve your life. Being a student may not be easy, especially with your other responsibilities, but we will always do our best to equip you with the tools you need to help you succeed. 

Academic Advising

We will help guide you on your academic path by helping you:

  • Change how many credit hours you enroll in each quarter
  • Drop or add courses
  • Change academic programs
  • Select electives
  • And more!


One of the most exciting aspects about receiving an education from The Chef’s Academy is that we offer unique tutoring services. Many of our students sign up to become peer tutors, which means that, if you want assistance with your homework or studying for an exam, your peers will be able to help you. Even though peer-to-peer tutoring allows you to get help from peers, it is also a chance for you to meet new friends and expand your professional network.


WellConnect is an online student tool that offers assistance with life’s issues, such as:

  • Managing your debt
  • Finding child care services
  • Addressing your housing needs
  • Confronting legal difficulties
  • Dealing with other personal and school-related issues

To log in and access WellConect, you will need to have your campus’ WellConnect-specific password.

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