How to Write a Chef Resume That Stands Out

Nov 3, 2017 | Harrison College

How to Write a Chef Resume That Stands Out

Are looking to land the culinary job of your dreams? Then you need to craft an attention-grabbing chef resume that'll impress employers.

You want to represent your knowledge, experience, and skills in the best light possible. So when you apply for jobs, you need to have it all documented for the hiring managers.

According to one survey, 76% of hiring managers say they spend less than 5 minutes on a single resume. And since you can't demonstrate your cooking abilities on paper, you need to make sure your CV stands out.

So keep reading to discover the best tips and tricks for writing a professional chef's resume that'll get you hired.

Outline Your Detailed Work Experience

The first thing to highlight on your chef resume is your work experience. But just stating your previous employers and your job title is not enough.

You need to sell yourself and your skills by showing exactly how you contributed to the workplace. For example, aside from listing the tasks you performed, specify your accomplishments.

Some examples include:

  • The type of cuisine you served
  • The average number of tables you served per day
  • The number of staff members you supervised or trained (if applicable)
  • The way you reduced kitchen waste
  • How you helped increase productivity in the kitchen
  • How you managed to save money on deliveries
  • Whether you created a popular meal or an entirely new menu that was a big success

Presenting the facts in a simple way will show potential employers that you're devoted to getting results.

List Your Certifications and Education

Your experience has to be backed up by certifications and education. List the culinary programs you've taken, as well as any additional classes.

At this point, write down all the relevant certifications for food safety, food handling and responsible alcohol serving.

Add Relevant Specific Skills

If you have any additional skills that you feel may help you get hired, place them in a separate section.

For example, if you know how to prepare sushi or have a lot of experience in pastry making, add these skills to the resume. If you're known for your creative dishes, or know how to run an entire kitchen successfully, you'll be way ahead of your competitors.

Find something unique to you to grab the hiring manager's attention.

Keep It Simple and Professional

Your chef resume should be simple, to the point and well-organized. Stay away from fun fonts, images, emojis or blocks of text, no matter how tempted you are to use them.

The way to make your CV stand out is to keep it condensed and only highlight the information relevant to the job position in question.

If you've held jobs in other industries, refrain from listing them, unless they're related to the job you're applying for.

Write the Perfect Chef Resume

Writing a good resume takes time and practice. But with our tips, you'll learn what to include to impress your future employers and land the job.

Have questions or need additional certifications? Find more information in our FAQs or check out our programs!

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