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Laura, Alum

The Chef's Academy at Harrison College Alumni

Even after your academic career at The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College comes to a close, we will be here to assist you in making your post-graduate life as fulfilling as possible.

Share Your Experience   

As a graduate of The Chef’s Academy, you will have a powerful story to tell. By sharing the challenges you faced and the obstacles you overcame to earn your degree, you have the power to inspire both current and prospective culinary students. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, we welcome you to share your journey with us today.

Alumni Career Services: Keep Your Career Moving

Harrison alumni have access to employment assistance. The Career Services staff at Harrison offers free services for students and alumni through a variety of methods. Whether you are a recent graduate, or alumni looking for a career change, we can assist via phone, email, webinar, group workshops or in-person. Contact the career services staff to see how we may assist you!

Add Your Degree to LinkedIn

Show off your hard work to potential employers by adding your The Chef's Academy degree to your LinkedIn profile. Simply click the button below if you already have a LinkedIn profile.

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Request a Transcript

Are you needing a transcript of your time at The Chef's Academy? Use our simple online request form.