Chef Robert Koeller

Chef Instructor
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Role at The Chef's Academy

Chef Rob Koeller continues to captivate any culinary audience.  Whether it is through over the five (5) years experience teaching aspiring culinarians to achieve their potential or through the twenty-five (25) years experience in the restaurant business leading some of Indianapolis’ “Best Restaurants,” Chef Rob Koeller proves to be talent that beckons the call of countless culinary students of The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College.

Numerous accolades from culinary education and restaurant management have been awarded upon him bearing witness to Rob’s impassioned mission to extent his culinary knowledge to others.  He continues to educate himself in the ever-changing culinary scene staying on top of current trends and industry-related environmental impacts.  Having an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Purdue, ’93) and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership (St. Mary-Of-The-Woods, ‘14) while maintaining a Certified Executive Chef status since 1999, Chef Rob Koeller understands the various complexities found within the Food-Service profession and caters to  the individual needs of adult learners.