Chef Lucas Trinosky

Chef Instructor
  • A.A.S., Culinary Arts - Johnson & Wales University
Role at The Chef's Academy

Lucas Trinosky has been cooking for a total of 17 years.  He is a 1995 graduate of Johnson and Wales University and just prior to joining the team here at The Chef's Academy, he owned his own private catering business and bakery.

Directly following graduation, he relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio where he accepted a position as a Pantry Cook also known as a Cook III.  The job was in the largest hotel in Cincinnati, The Regal Cincinnati Hotel, which is now known as the Millennium hotel.  It was 886 guest rooms, four kitchens, two restaurants, 24 hour room service and banquet services. The first day on the job he was asked to work a double shift, a 16 hour day which isn't necessarily uncommon for a chef.  While he was there, he learned the difficult skill of ice carving and extensive use of seafood in an extremely labor intensive menu.  With his dedication and schooling he was able to quickly climb the corporate ladder.  Within a year and a half he was promoted to Sous Chef of another Regal property in Durham, North Carolina. 

This hotel, the Regal University Hotel, was about half the size of the one in Cincinnati.  Here he would learn the fine art of management from the hotels General Manager.  Always remain calm and use tact in order to stay level-headed dealing with guests, other departments and the kitchen staff.  Here he gained knowledge of menu writing by volunteering to write menus for the restaurant, catering and specialty functions.  Before becoming the Executive Chef for the hotel a mere two years, he was mentored by an extremely gifted chef.  This chef would instill awesome cooking techniques and encourage innovation from the young Trinosky.

Chef Trinosky's next move would be back in Cincinnati where he would accept the Executive Sous Chef position for the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.  This would be another large hotel with multiple kitchens and the largest ballroom in Cincinnati able to capacitate over 1500 guest for a sit-down dinner.  While at this hotel, he would learn team building and management theory along with exceptional organizational skills.  Also, from the Garde Manger Chef, he studied the art of fruit and vegetable sculptures.

Chef Lucas soon became good friends with a local Swiss baker and picked up a few hours a week learning the European style of breads and pastries.  It would be six months until Chef Trinosky started full time and noticed the huge difference in working in the corporate world versus the a smaller "mom and pop" atmosphere.  The bakery also catered for the private jets that would fly in and out of Lunken Airport.  Some of the "celebs" who would dine on the jets included First Lady Laura Bush; George Clooney; David Copperfield; and the WWE Wrestlers.  Within a year the two would open up a small pizzeria also serving soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas; all from scratch.  It was here, with the Swiss baker, that the chef would learn what was needed to open his own place and soon did.

Moving back to his small home town in Ohio, Chef Trinosky would start selling breads, wedding cakes, ice carvings to businesses and individuals in the area.  This, along with private caterings, would soon become his passion.  He opened the Harvest Stone Bakery and Catering Co. but chose to "close shop" after a year to dedicate more time to his family.

Words from Chef Trinosky:

"The first thing you should know about being a chef is, well, it can be a lot of hours.  When most people are enjoying weekends and holidays off, we are the ones cooking for them.  It's not an easy job, sometimes the "glamour" isn't there and often the stress is high; however, if you love food, love to cook, love to learn and most importantly love to please others, culinary arts is the place for you.  It takes determination, passion, adaptability, discipline and persistence to be a chef and it can be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet.  I applaud you for taking this first step in changing your life and hope to see you soon!"