Chef Brandon Hamilton

Chef Instructor
  • A.A.S., Culinary Arts - The Chef's Academy
Role at The Chef's Academy

Chef Brandon Hamilton graduated from The Chef's Academy with an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Culinary Arts. Chef Hamilton has worked in the industry for a large portion of his working career. He worked for Malibu Grill in Bloomington, Indiana as an Executive Chef for 3 years. He then decided to go into fine dining and took an Executive Sous Chef position and quickly became the Executive Chef. He held that position for nearly 2 years maintaining a seasonal menu. While working at 14 West in Indianapolis, he was awarded the Presidential Scholarship at The Chef's Academy; for the next 18 months went to culinary school and learned all the information he had missed while working in the industry. While maintaining a full time working position throughout his education Chef Hamilton graduated Valedictorian of his class!  

After graduation, Chef Hamilton  worked for a startup company called Farm to Kitchen Foods. He also had the urge to return to culinary school and took a  position as an instructor at The Chef's Academy. His knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated by all his students as was demonstrated by his winning the first "Chef Instructor of the term" award.