The Chef's Academy

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Laura, Pastry Arts

About The Chef's Academy at Harrison College

At The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College, we pride ourselves on being different in the way we approach your education. We are professional chefs and pastry artists. We are innovators and trendsetters in the culinary industry. Your passion and dreams inspire us, and our primary goal is to help you succeed.

"My favorite part of attending The Chef’s Academy is that everyone is personal—the administration, the chefs and the teachers." Jasmine, Culinary Arts
Jasmine, Culinary Arts

We Support You

We do not just want to help you start your academic career, we want to improve your life. Whenever you encounter challenges, your peers and we will be here to support you. Our counselors, admissions representatives, financial aid analysts and seasoned faculty members will work with you to find the solutions that will spur your success inside and outside of the classroom.

"The chefs at The Chef’s Academy are not only good chefs, good cooks and good people, but they’ve got the experience, connections and industry-specifics you need to get a boost in your career. It’s really a total package here." Jeffrey, Culinary Arts
Jeffrey, Culinary Arts

Empower Yourself

While we help you grow professionally and personally, you will learn to empower yourself in everything you do. Though we provide a number of resources to help you succeed, we know that only you can make the decision to pursue your goals. We teach you academic, leadership and teamwork skills, but you are the one who must put those skills to use in your career and your life.

Discover more reasons why The Chef’s Academy could be right for you, or explore our culinary and pastry arts degrees.

Harrison College and The Chef’s Academy are aliases of Educational Management Corporation (EMC). A brief history of EMC:

Year Filing

Indiana Business College incorporated in Indiana


Educational Management Corporation incorporated in Massachusetts


Educational Management Corporation admitted to be business in Indiana as a foreign corporation.


(“Newco”) Indiana Business College, Inc. incorporated in Indiana (is wholly-owned by Educational Management Corporation).


“Indiana Business College” becomes an assumed name of Educational Management Corporation.


Indiana Business College, Inc. is merged into Educational Management Corporation (and S-corp. status elected).


“Harrison College” is the new assumed name of Educational Management Corporation.


Educational Management Corporation is re-domesticated as an Indiana corporation.


Directors of EMC

Frederick G. Pfannenstiehl, Director

Kenneth J. Konesco, Director

Craig F. Pfannenstiehl, Director

Officers of EMC

Craig F. Pfannenstiehl, Chairman of the Board

Gregory C. Wallis, Treasurer

Michael T. Crowley, Secretary


EMC does not have any other divisions, subsidiaries or affiliates.


A student wishing to voice a concern may do so by logging a complaint at or calling toll-free 1-866-593-6967 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.